Suhar and Musannah colleges to be tech hubs

Muscat, Jan 22 – The College of Applied Sciences, Suhar and Al Musannah College of Technology, Musannah have been chosen for establishing the Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) in their campuses. The Research Council (TRC) signed agreements each worth RO 20,000 with the two colleges for the same. Ten colleges
had applied for hosting the TTOs, but Suhar and Musannah were chosen.
Dr Hilal Ali al Hinai, Secretary General of TRC, said the significant development is that Oman is officially establishing the National Technology Transfer Network.
“The TTs will work on promoting innovation, identifying intellectual property, raising awareness about the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and transferring that knowledge to appropriate users, be it industries, government sector or society as a whole,” said Dr Al Hinai.
TTOs are expected to maximize the benefits gained from research and innovations at the academic, industrial and government institutions.
Two types of agreements were signed by the TRC — one to fund colleges for running the
TTOs and another for other colleges of sciences and technology to become members of National Technology Transfer Network (NTTN). The network encourages the establishment of TTOs in all the academic establishments.
At present, 13 colleges have joined the NTTN. Being part of the network qualifies colleges to take part in workshops, seminars, capacity-building and funding.
HH Sayyid Dr Fahad bin Aljulanda al Said, Assistant Secretary-General for Innovation Development, said, “The establishment of the National Technology Transfer Network is in line with the National Innovation Strategy that is concerned with the establishment of a national innovation ecosystem.” Giving an overview of the NTTN, Dr Ali al Shidhani, former Director of Research Centres at TRC, said, “These Technology Transfer Offices are an important station towards supporting and disseminating innovation at higher academic institutions.”
“We are looking forward for College of Applied Sciences, Suhar and Al Musannah College of Technology to activate their technology transfer offices and share their experience with the other higher education institutions.”
“In the coming years, we will ensure people can transfer technology while helping institutions and colleges,” said Dr Awadh al Maamari, Dean of CAS, Suhar.
— Photos by Khalfan al Toobi