Sudanese family dies after losing way in desert

Eight members of a Sudanese family died after losing their way in the Libyan desert, while a handwritten will was found from the site, the local and regional Arabic media reported.
The tragic images circulated on social media showed bodies thrown around the car, some of which had been partially buried in sand dunes.

According to some media, some 21 people, including children, were traveling in a white Sequoia SUV that was found 400km southwest of the Libyan city of Kufra.

The bodies of three women and five men were found dead at the scene. The fate of the remaining 13 is unknown.

An investigation launched by Libyan police found the family departed on a journey from Sudan’s El Fasher to Libya’s Kufra city in August last year. The car was found earlier this week – six months later – accompanied by a handwritten letter.

“To whoever finds this paper, this is my brother’s number. I entrust you with God and forgive me that I did not bring my mother to you,” the letter read.

Authorities have launched an investigation to determine how the tragic incident actually unfolded. Agencies.