Strong footfall at Habta markets

Hectic selling and buying activities continued at the traditional Habta markets held across the Sultanate with only two days to go before the start of Eid al Adha (the feast of sacrifice) on Friday. On Tuesday, the traditional Habta markets were abuzz with activity with citizens and residents striving to purchase all what is needed for pleasant holidays. The Habta market in Nizwa saw unprecedented activities over the past couple of days despite being working days.
The section of the market dedicated for selling livestock is seeing strong footfall as everyone needs at least one animal be it a goat of a cow, for their religious sacrifice. May people from other parts of the Sultanate are flocking to the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah which is well-known for its quality goats preferred by the majority of nationals due to their tasty meat. Others opt for cows especially for those with large families.
In Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan, the Habta market was teeming with all sorts of livestock and other wares such as Omani halwa, nuts, toys, textiles, accessories, silverware, khanjars and many more. An abundant supply of livestock has the main reason behind the reasonable pricing of goats and cows preventing animal owners from hiking the prices.
The Habta market in the Wilayat of Nakhal has seen active trade since early morning on Tuesday with citizens heading to the market mainly to buy livestock, especially goats. The price of goats has reached RO 330 while the auctioning for cows saw relatively low supply.
In Dimma W’attayeen, the prices of goats ranged between RO 150 and RO 200 and in Badiyah the prices of goats were anything between RO 120 and RO 170. The fall in livestock prices this year is attributed to an abundant livestock supply.