State Council holds lecture on the art of event management

MUSCAT: The State Council organised on Sunday a lecture entitled ‘the art of event management’ delivered by Dr Sayyid Said bin Sultan bin Hamood al Busaidy, Member of the State Council, and attended by the employees of the Council. Dr Sayyid Al Busaidy, addressed the concept of the art of managing events, and stated that it consists of a dual approach to management which includes the process of guiding, planning, organising and making a decision using financial, human, material and information resources to achieve an efficient objective.
The second part relates to effectiveness, which is a meeting of people in a particular place and time to achieve a known objective, and the concept of the art of managing participants which necessitates that the administrative methods are applied efficiently and effectively to achieve the objective.
The objective was to give a positive impression of the institution and to ensure its continuity, to clarify and consolidate its message, underscoring the important role of the department of events in the development of the institution, and highlighting the role of staff in its strengthening.
The concept entails interacting with the target audience, in addition to providing insights and ideas and providing information fully and clearly.
He pointed out that the application of the art of event management requires a division of roles so that there would be a supervisor of effectiveness, the identification of a public information by an officer and a coordinator for organising and equipping.
He detailed the principles of the art of event management, which helps to familiarise the staff of the council with collective action, to follow the right steps to manage events and activities and to provide appropriate opportunities to organise them accurately and tightly. He concluded by emphasising the need for a comprehensive assessment of events with a view to identifying the positive for strengthening them and studying the negative aspects for future avoidance.