State Council discusses early medical examination report

MUSCAT: At its 11th meeting of the 2nd annual sitting of the 6th term, the office of the State Council on Monday discussed the report of the teamwork on ‘Early Medical Examination.’
The Council under the chairmanship of Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri, Chairman of the Council, reviewed a report submitted by the Legal Committee on “Laws issued before the date of the promulgation of the Basic Law of the State and have not been amended”, in addition to a number of letters received by the Council from various entities.
The office referred to an evaluation of the 10th and 11th regular sessions of the second annual session of the sixth term, and reviewed a follow-up report on the implementation of the decisions taken at its previous meeting, as well as the follow-up report on the activities of the committees.
The chairman also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the members of the Bureau and all the Council members for their active participation in the work during the second annual session of the current period.
He stressed the intense participation had the impact on the Council’s achievements, which include discussion of several draft laws and studies covering economic, social and health fields, in addition to participating in various activities and events by the Council.
He also praised the efforts of the General Secretariat of the Council and its role in assisting in the performance of duties and the exercise of functions, and noted the important role played by the media in highlighting the activities of the Council and its various activities. — ONA