State Council Bureau discusses mining sector and retirement

Muscat, Feb 26 – The State Council Bureau held its fourth meeting chaired by Shaikh Al Khattab bin Ghalib al Hinai, Deputy Chairman of the State Council on Tuesday. It discussed the report of the Economic Committee on the draft law on statistics and information forwarded by the Council of Ministers and decided to present it at the next regular session. The Bureau also discussed the proposal of the special committee formed to study the promotion of mineral wealth. In this regard, it hosted Sayyid Dr Said bin Sultan bin Hamood al Busaidy, Committee head and Dr Ahmed bin Sulaiman al Maimani, Rapporteur of the Committee for discussion of the proposal, which aims to monitor the mining sector in the Sultanate, identify the challenges facing it and to find mining-based industries in the Sultanate.
The proposal which the Committee for Education and Research wished to study “How to benefit from the expertise of employees nearing retirement age”, was reviewed, and in this context, hosted Abdullah bin Mubarak al Shanfari, Head of the Education and Research Committee, for discussing the proposal. It aims at reviewing the extension of the retirement age of employees to protect and gain advantage of their vast experiences and knowledge.
The committee discussed several aspects of the retirement age for these groups and decided to present the proposal at the regular session.
The bureau hosted Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Ali al Rawas, Council member, to discuss his proposal on the electronic media and decided to refer the proposal to the culture, information and tourism committee for an integrated presentation.
The bureau discussed the proposal by the Secretariat to assist the Council’s Information and Research Centre on the formation of a special committee to anticipate the future and achieve sustainable development goals.
It noted several reports, including the initial vision document “Oman 2040” and the report submitted by the Secretariat of the Information and Research Centre on the visit of Moody’s Investors Service.
The bureau noted the report on follow-up to the implementation of the decisions taken at the previous bureau meeting and the report on follow-up to the activities of the committees during the period between the previous bureau meeting and the present meeting.
At the conclusion of the Bureau meeting, the agenda items for the 6th and 7th ordinary sessions of the fourth annual session of the sixth period of the Council were decided.