SSP, Ice Qube sign distributor agreement

MUSCAT, NOV 10 – Ice Qube is looking to support its existing customers in Oman, one of them is BP Khazzan as they need a local company to work with in helping them with the support on a complex air- conditioning upgrade for the new BP gas refinery. Not having a permanent structure in Oman to support the increasing market, Ice Qube of Philadelphia, USA has signed up with Shanfari Special Projects (SSP), to carry out the extensive upgrade in BP, which was finished on time and within budget.
Since then SSP has continued to support Ice Qube with their sales over the past year, and more importantly their customer service in the Sultanate.
Ice Qube manufactures specialised in air- conditioning equipment for the oil and gas industry, especially explosion proof units designed for refineries and areas that have explosive atmospheres, with sales worldwide and an ever increasing market in the Middles East.
Scott Palmer, General Manager of Ice Qube says, “It is fortunate that we found SSP, not only because it is a large Omani company, but it can offer the support structure and expertise we need to continue to expand in the region. So new projects like Duqm and several new refineries that are being built in Oman can now be supported in country. Plus, Shanfari is employing local skilled workforce, which as Ice Qube we totally support as it adds to our In Country Value.”
Nizar Shanfari, Director of SSP says the long-term objectives for SSP with the total support of Ice Qube are in three stages. First to sell and support Ice Qube products in Oman, second to offer services contracts and finally sub assemble, resulting in full manufacturing under licence in Oman. The latter will mean further employment of local skilled workers.