SQU holds orientation for postgraduate students

SQU organised Orientation Day for postgraduate students on Tuesday under the auspices of Dr Ali bin Saud al Bimani, Vice-Chancellor of SQU. SQU has a record number of 101 postgraduate programmes consisting of 35 PhD and 66 Master’s programmes. These include two newly approved programmes commencing in 2020-21: the PhD in Information Systems and the Master of Operation and Supply Chain at the College of Economics and Political Science. The number of postgraduate students is also steadily growing. A total 1,020 applicants have been accepted for postgraduate studies at SQU starting this year.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Mohammed al Suqri, Dean of Postgraduate Studies at SQU, said that the university ensures that its postgraduate programmes are meeting the needs of sectors and employers in Oman by having clearly defined graduate attributes and programme outcomes. “These are aligned with the Oman Qualifications Framework, and reflect ongoing processes of consultation with key government and industry stakeholders in Oman, as well as international best practice in the relevant subject area. Our strategic approach to developing postgraduate programmes is intended to build the skills, knowledge and evidence-based culture to support the economic and social development of the Sultanate, while also contributing effectively to knowledge and information across a wide range of disciplines at global level,” Dr Mohammed said.
Addressing the students, he further said that all the postgraduate programmes at SQU are benchmarked internationally so the students can be confident that the courses are meeting global standards. “We have also developed and implemented rigorous processes for programme design, student supervision, teaching, monitoring and assessment to ensure that these meet consistent and high standards across the university.”
The Orientation Programme featured alumni experience as well. He noted that based on the experiences of postgraduate alumni, the new students can also expect to reap rewards in the form of a successful career or access to further study at highly reputable overseas universities. The programme included a short video about postgraduate regulations, exhibition and introductory tour around SQU.