SQU highlights use of interactive tech for deeper learning

MUSCAT: The Centre of Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) on Tuesday organised a workshop on ‘Using Interactive Technology to Engage Students in Deeper Learning.’.
The sessions were led by Dr Patrick Guilbaud, Director of Extended Studies & Summer School & Associate Professor at the Graduate School Winthrop University, Rock Hill, US.
The workshop aimed to help instructors strengthen learners’ participation, engagement, motivation and achievement through the careful integration of pedagogically grounded interactive tools and technology in their courses.
The workshop lessons helped the participants to understand learning theories that are relevant to the use of interactive technology in support of effective instruction and appraise effective teaching and instructional approaches that are focused on increasing learners’ participation and engagement.
The sessions were helpful to create active and inquiry-based learning activities that are grounded in pedagogy and supported best practices in teaching; understand the need to utilise a variety of instructional activities to address different learning styles; and select and employ technology for attaining the desired learning outcomes.
The workshop included 6 sessions: Pre-session, four instructional sessions, and a wrap-up session and focused on introductions and faculty teaching styles.
The first session covered a few learning theories and then move on to pedagogy or instructional approaches that support teaching and learning with technology.
The focus of the session is ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding theoretical concepts guiding teaching methods and approaches.
The second session presented and discussed pedagogy and instructional approaches.
The third session consisted of hands on — Interactive Tool for Mastery Learning; Individual Level and the fourth session included hands on — Interactive Tool for Mastery Learning; Group Level.
Finally, the post-session included a survey to assess the outcomes of the workshop.
It should be noted that Dr Patrick Guilbaud has several years of teaching and research experience in technology-enhanced instruction, innovative teaching practices, and transnational educational collaborations and partnerships. — ONA