SQU Business Week focuses on self-sufficiency

MUSCAT: The 15th Business Week, organised by the Business Society at the College of Economics & Political Science at Sultan Qaboos University commenced on Monday at the Cultural Centre of SQU under the patronage of Dr Ali bin Saud al Bimani, the Vice Chancellor of the University.
The main feature of the three-day event is an exhibition on Omani economy addressing many segments of business with focus on the concept ‘Made in Oman’ which is indicative of Oman’s initiatives towards self-sufficiency.
The exhibition focuses on four themes namely food security, self-sufficiency in tourism, self-sufficiency in jobs, and technical sufficiency. Food security implies achieving adequate food security by utilising the Sultanate’s ability to produce food that commensurate with demand rates and the provision of goods and food items in whole or in part. Tourism sufficiency aims to make the Sultanate an international tourist destination where the tourism sector contributes significantly to raising the local economy and achieving economic diversification.
Self-sufficiency in job sector indicates competency of the local workforce by augmenting the policy of Omanisation primarily to provide job opportunities for citizens seeking employment, in addition to enabling Omani youth to enter into economic competition.
Technical sufficiency indicates sufficiency in use of technology in all spheres of life and business leading to economic growth. The students also envision young Omanis excelling in latest technology and innovate in these fields.
The Business Week is accompanied by a number of activities including the Market Monday that aims to support the small and medium enterprises, the Business Week Carnival and, recreational activities.