Speed limit revised to check accidents

Muscat, July 19 – Speedsters, beware. Speed limit between Hamriya Roundabout and Masjid Abdulridha at the Al Falaj Roundabout has been revised from 80 kph to 60 kph from Wednesday.
“We have reduced the speed limit from 80 to 60 between these two points in order to curb increasing number of accidents in the area,” a senior official at the Traffic Department at Royal Oman Police (ROP), said here.
There have been a number of accidents between these two points because of chaotic traffic during rush hour and reckless driving, he said.
The department has also painted yellow stripes at the ascending and descending points of the nearby flyover to make motorists aware of impending danger and to reduce speed as they head towards Ruwi.
“These measures are a wake-up call for those driving between these points and to be extra cautious when driving,” he said.