‘Songs to the Sun’ exhibition at Stal Gallery

The 15th personal exhibition for the artist Moosa Omar was opened last Monday at Stal Gallery, the “Songs for the Sun” exhibition showcases the recent art experiences of a prominent Omani artist — Moosa Omar.
“The sun shines and life is awakened in earth; a scene that is repeated every morning where the light shines into the details of objects and elements. I open the window in my studio and the colourful songs, not been exhausted by the long journey, spread around all the parts of my works, colours and brushes”, Moosa commented.

“Every song carries an idea for a new piece of art, motivating me to celebrate the universe”, he describes, adding “the material I use in all my artistic works is “the sackcloth” it has a huge potential that can help me use in different shapes. I will sing my songs for the sun from those threads and from those similar threads I will draw how the objects and elements celebrate the warmth of the sun.”
Moosa Omar has held previously around 14 private exhibitions in the Sultanate, Bahrain, Eqypt, Kuwait, Qatar and his last exhibition was held in Mannheim, Germany, which was organised by Gallery Kunst.
His work has also been displayed in various exhibitions in the Gulf and the world, and has hosted various exhibitions in a number of European countries, including USA, Mexico, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Morocco, Taiwan, Lebanon, Australia, Korea South, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh and China.
He has participated in several technical workshops and is also a member at the Unesco International Federation of Arts, the Oman Society of Fine Arts (OSFA) and the Youth Workshop. He has won numerous artistic awards from Oman, Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. He has been honoured in several countries and his works are shown in many galleries, salons and art museums in various parts of the world.