Soft opening of Sandan Industrial Park on Jan 22

The official soft opening of Sandan Industrial Park (Madinat Sandan) will be on January 22, 2020, which is the first of its kind integrated project managed by the private sector in the Sultanate.
The commercial activities have already commenced with the recent operation of various auto showrooms, while the opening of other activities will follow, especially after the initial opening.


An agreement was signed by the Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company to establish a petrol station in for Sandan Industrial Park in the coming months. The said officials indicated that Sandan Industrial Park will also feature commercial and industrial activities, especially those related to cars and building materials, in light of that fact that its services cover all aspects, including banking services, communications, travel offices, tourism, restaurants, cafes, medical clinic, apartments, a petrol station, and a mosque.
Muhammad bin Sulaiman al Kindy, Chairperson of Sandan Development, said that the strategic location on Muscat Expressway and the integration of services with the presence of government and private service institutions all make Sandan Industrial Park a favourable destination for investment.
He noted that a number of activities have already opened, especially auto showrooms, which have an active movement. He expected Sandan Industrial Park to receive more than 15,000 visitors daily in addition to thousands of workers in the activities that it would include in the future, which would exceed 1,200.
Sandan Industrial Park will host the first closed auto e-auction hall in the Sultanate equipped with all modern systems, in addition to the traditional auto auction managed in an organised and effective manner.
Ali Sulaiman, CEO of Sandan Development, stated that Sandan Industrial Park would be the central market for the auto trade-in terms of purchase and sale through the existing showrooms and associated commercial and industrial activities.
Sulaiman said that Sandan Industrial Park will include auto repair workshops and the largest centre for scrap. He stressed that the availability of services, whether governmental or private, would have a significant role in promoting commercial traffic.
Communications companies, travel and tourism offices and financial institutions, including Bank Muscat and exchange offices, are there to facilitate business. In the context of ensuring the presence of some government agencies related to finalising transactions, Sandan signed memoranda of understanding with several government agencies and is in the process of signing with others to provide all facilities and finalise the relevant procedures for the clients of Sandan Industrial Park.
Sulaiman said that the rental prices provided are appropriate and affordable for all compared to the prices in other industrial areas. “Add to this the fact that the grace period granted to tenants for equipping the stores were sufficient and appropriate, along with many facilities as well as advertising and promotional support,” CEO of Sandan Development.
Sandan Industrial Park includes the largest cluster of used auto showrooms in the Sultanate in addition to other support services for the auto market, such as insurance, finance, Sanad offices, warehouses, maintenance workshops, four-wheel auto garages, many auto parts stores, tire and polishing stores, accessory stores in addition to other commercial and industrial activities.
Sandan Industrial Park will include the traditional auto auction managed in an organised and effective manner, in addition to a closed e-auction hall for the first time in the Sultanate equipped with modern systems and managed by Copart International specialises in open online auctions. Sandan Development also signed with Omantel and Ooredoo to provide multiple communications solutions and services.
Auto showrooms are the starting point for business in Sandan Industrial Park after nearly 80 per cent of these showrooms have started buying and selling operations, which reflects the importance of this industrial city set to collect auto showrooms in one place, which makes it easier for clients to choose while saving effort and time.
Sulaiman said Sandan Development has signed with Durrat Al-Sahel Company to rent 40 commercial, industrial and residential units to establish the Iranian neighbourhood in Sandan. To attract Iranian investors to Sandan Industrial Park to work in various commercial and industrial activities, the management recently signed an agreement with Afaq Gulf Diamond Company urgently to enhance this aspect and facilitate the process.
“Due to the increasing demand by investors on the units of Sandan Industrial Park, especially the repair shops for large cars, warehouses and the closed e-auction hall, we agreed with the Omani-Lebanese Company to establish expansion works that include new units. Accordingly, Sandan Development will sign several agreements with various companies seeking to reserve their locations in Sandan Industrial Park,” added Sulaiman.
Sandan Development is also working on the ‘Myriad Muscat’ housing project, the first integrated student housing compound in Oman, along with several projects announced at the end of this year.