Social media influencers in race for RO 100,000 prize

Muscat, March 2 – Omani social media influencers, Mohammad al Balushi ‘Hamaky’, and Youssef al Akhzami have successfully joined 20 influencers from across the Middle East to compete in the second season of the content creation competition, Sadeem. The competition was officially launched on March 2 across Sadeem’s social media channels and website. Al Balushi and Al Akhzami will compete for the RO 100,000 grand prize and the title of being one of the best influencers in the region. The winner will also have a chance to produce their own programme on social media.
The two Omani participants produce different content and cater to different audiences. Al Balushi previously worked as a milk truck driver and as a treasurer at a commercial centre. He currently works as a nurse at a psychiatric clinic. Al Balushi has gained traction as a comedian, with 416,000 followers on Instagram, and around 30,000 followers on Youtube. Al Akhzami, is an avid traveller and food enthusiast. A former engineering student, Al Akhzami is now studying law and has around 4,000 followers on Instagram and Youtube. With a rising number of followers, Al Akhzami, was able to be listed as a finalist on Sadeem.
Sadeem aims to build up the confidence of its participants, so that they can bring about positive change in their communities through the content they create. This season’s participants will have the opportunity to meet with the biggest influencers and experts, including being introduced to global media giants from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and will learn tricks of the trade from them.
The jury members of this season are some of the most influential social media personalities in the region like Dezad Joker from Algeria, Zap Tharwat from Egypt, Ascia al Faraj from Kuwait and Ahmed Sherif from Bahrain. The programme is presented by Sherif Fayed from Egypt.
Ascia said, “We will work on evolving the skills of the participants by sharing our expertise and holding workshops throughout the season.”
Another judge Sherif said, “I predict that it will be a fierce competition this year. The participants have benefited from observing the first season and have a better sense of what to expect in the competition. It will be more intense for us judges to choose who will be the best content creator in season 2 of Sadeem.”
Episodes from season 2 of Sadeem will be aired on Saturday and Sunday through Sadeem’s social media channels and on