Shura Office holds regular meeting

Muscat: The Office of Majlis Ash’shura discussed a number of topics on its agenda including a message from the Council of Ministers regarding the Ministry of Education’s annual report for 2019. The report containing the implementation phases of the ministry’s projects was discussed by the Office and referred to the council’s Education and Scientific Research Committee.

This was discussed at the seventh regular meeting of the Office of Majlis Ash’shura held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali.

The meeting reviewed the messages of the council’s standing committees. Those included the Services and Social Development Committee’s message on the ministerial decision No 363/2020 issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning giving powers to director-generals in the governorates.

The Office also discussed a report prepared by the Media and Culture Committee on the utilization of the Omani Islamic heritage landmarks to boost the tourism sector.

Also discussed at the meeting was a message presented to the minister of endowments and religious affairs questioning about the management of Bayt Al Mal (house of money). The message included questions about the rental amounts paid by tenants of the properties held by Bayt Al Mal and the ministry’s method of collecting rents from the tenants as well as its plans to improve the institution management.

The Office also discussed a report prepared by the Food and Water Security Committee regarding the exploitation of rainwater stored at the protection dam in the Wilayat of Sur to develop the natural potentials of Al Saleel National Park in implementation of smart management of available water resources. The committee recommended to generalize the idea in other wilayats.

The Office reviewed a briefing request presented to the minister of labour with regard to job-seekers number in medical and assistant medical specialties and the results of the agreement signed between Oman Global Logistics Group (Asyad) and the National Training Fund.

The Office also reviewed a briefing request presented to the chairman of Oman Investment Authority (OIA) regarding companies that are wholly or partly owned by OIA and the indebtedness of the government’s companies.

Besides, the Office discussed a briefing request presented to the minister of finance regarding loans and the procedures taken by the ministry to collect installments and interests on loans.

The meeting reviewed a briefing request presented to the minister of economy with regard to its plan to provide 27,000 jobs in both the private and public sectors, and the details of the government’s plan regarding the job opportunities due to be announced.

The Office also discussed a briefing request presented to the chairman of the Tax Authority about the tax on corporate income as well as a question about the companies that have not disclosed their income tax and the procedures taken against them.

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