Shops, offices told to install CCTVs

By Kabeer Yousuf — MUSCAT: Jan. 11 – Owners of all shops and offices, both new and existing, have been asked to install close-circuit TV cameras (CCTV) for safety purposes besides aiding investigations in case of any incidence of theft. “We advise all commercial establishments to install CCTV cameras so that in case of any incidence of theft or burglary, investigation can be carried out quickly,” a highly placed source at the Royal Oman Police (ROP) told the Observer. “In the recent past, such cameras have been able to record several theft attempts and help the security agencies in making huge strides in cracking crimes. Cameras fitted either within the establishment or outside can help investigators in catching culprits,” he said. “Installing CCTV can improve safety at shops and offices.”

He said that the ROP has been offering advice to those seeking safety licences, including fire and security permissions for commercial establishments.
Meanwhile, reports indicate the crime rates in Oman are dipping, while the global travel and tourism agencies have chosen the Sultanate as one of the safest countries to visit. According to Serbian website, which provides data on countries and NGOs, Oman has a crime index of 18.14, one of the lowest in the world. Problem of drug abuse and property crimes (vandalism, theft) in Oman are low at 33.18 and 28.24, respectively, according to the website. Violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery too are low (14.81).