Shopping outlets gear up for Ramadhan

SALALAH, APRIL 28 – Hypermarkets and supermarkets in Salalah are geared up for the holy month of Ramadhan, which is to start in the second week of May. This is the time for them to do brisk business and a challenge to maintain regular supply of items needed during the month.
All the shopping outlets are decked up and illuminated with lights. They have put up special decorations marking Ramadhan themes providing the visitors with the perfect ambience of the season.
And top of it is promotion on items which are in demand during the holy month.
A ground duty manager of a hypermarket admitted that shopping has started picking up mostly in grocery items like rice, flour, sugar and powdered milk.
He is expecting the demand to go on the higher side in the coming days as people have the tendency to do late shopping particularly during festivals.
“This is human tendency and we keep our stuff and good supply of all necessary items to meet customer needs and demand,” he said and added that the hypermarket has offer on most of the items which are in demand during the season.
“Since the market is competitive, we have to take care of prices also and we try to offer the best to our customers.”
Commenting on the general trend during Ramadhan, manager of another hypermarket admitted that the demand for grocery items rise 30 to 40 per cent. “For this we have to plan in advance for everything. We stock dry groceries well in advance, but for fresh milk, fruits and vegetables, we have to do good supply chain management.”
Abdulaziz Olayath, branch manager of a hypermarket, claimed to have special price for most of the items, particularly food items which sell most during the season.
“The demand goes up to 40 per cent but we try to maintain the price during the holy month and cater to the needs of our loyal customers, and we offer items on promotion,” he said.
The shopping trend, according to a supermarket dealer, shifts from beginning to middle, then to the last phase of Ramadhan. “In the beginning people come for bulk purchase of groceries, mostly at wholesale price. With the beginning the demand for fruits and vegetables, meat items and dairy products soars, it stabilises mid-month and in last week of Ramadhan demand is high for all items including garments and footwear.”
Some of the malls have lined up Ramadhan-themed activities all through the holy month. They are targeted mostly at children with games and competitions with on the spot prizes.
All the shopping outlets are ready for Ramadhan while some are seen giving finishing touches to their plans.