Seminar stresses ‘protection’ for road safety

BAHLA, March 19 –
Bisya School for Basic Education, in cooperation with the Al Hazem team, organised a traffic seminar entitled “Strengthen Your Protection”, in the Wilayat of Bahla.
The seminar included lectures on several topics such as preventive driving, the role of the media in promoting traffic awareness, the importance of the child safety seat, and the physical and psychological effects of accidents.
It was attended by Sulaiman bin Mohsin al Shuraiqi, Director of Educational Programmes Department at the Directorate of Al Dakhiliyah, and participants from different authorities such as ROP, media, a number of students and teachers from Bisya and Bahla schools.
During the ceremony, the campaign’s logo and the anthem were launched.
A short film prepared by the campaign team was also screened. The seminar participants presented some of their experiences and inventions regarding traffic safety.
The Observer took part in the seminar, presenting the role of the media in enhancing traffic awareness and reducing road accidents.