Seminar sheds light on Sultanate’s history

MUSCAT: The Omani Society for Writers and Literati (OSWL), represented by the History Committee, organised a seminar on ‘Oman in historical records’ with the participation of researchers and those interested in cultural affairs from the Sultanate and abroad.
The seminar revealed the bright image of Oman, along with civilisations of the world, through a number of historical books and records related to Omanis and their heritage.
Dr Hadia Meshaikhi was the moderator. Dr Badriya al Shuaibiyah presented a paper about Oman in Tarikh al-Umam Wa Al Muluk (History of Nations and Kings) by Abu Jaafar Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari.
Dr Nasser bin Ali al Nadabi presented a paper entitled ‘The Apostasy of the People of Oman’ in which he refuted the claims that Omanis backslid from Islam.
Habib bin Marhoon al Hadi presented a paper on ‘Oman in ‘ajā’ib al-Hind barruhu wa-ba’ruhu wa-jazā’iruh (Wonders of India, its Land, Seas and Islands) by Buzurk ibn Shahrayār al-Rāmhurmuzīz.
Dr Irada Mohammed, Lebanese researcher in historical and Islamic affairs, presented a paper entitled ‘Oman in Kitab al-Rawd al-Mitar, (The Book of the Fragrant Garden) by Muhammad bin Abd al
Munim al-Himyari.
At the end of the seminar, a discussion was held with the public, who raised many questions about the history of Oman and its presence in books of history. — ONA