Seminar on ‘archaeological excavations, historical discoveries in Oman’ held in US

WASHINGTON: The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Centre, in cooperation with the US Congress Library in Washington, organised a seminar on archaeological excavations and historical discoveries in Oman. The programme shed light on Oman ancient history that is deeply rooted in human civilisation through a major opening session and three other sessions. Dr Said bin Nasser al Salmi, Director-General of the Office of His Majesty the Sultan’s Adviser for Cultural Affairs, reviewed at the opening session several historical sites and archaeological discoveries in the Sultanate.

The three sessions dealt with nine working papers presented by American archaeologists and researchers from different universities and scientific and cultural institutions related to excavations and archaeological discoveries in the Sultanate through the main themes related to the civilisation of Majan and its role in linking the ancient world through copper and commercial activity and settlement in ancient Dhofar and modern cultural tourism of ancient archaeological sites. The seminar is part of the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Centre programme in Washington aimed at introducing the Sultanate’s culture and ancient history. The seminar was attended by researchers and academics interested in archaeology, ancient history, civilisations and peoples. — ONA