Seeb seal direct spot to top-tier league

MUSCAT, Feb 11 – After an absence of four seasons, Muscat Governorate giants Seeb made their return to Omantel League after they beat Al Bashayer 1-0 in round seven of first division league at the home ground. Marwan Taeeb netted the winning goal from penalty spot in the 43th minute. With this victory, three times HM Cup winners sealed the direct spot to the top-tier league prior to league conclusion with three more rounds. The competitions are on for the second direct qualification spot among Bahla, Fanja, Al Bashayer and Al Wusta. In the other matches, Fanja blanked Bahla 2-0 while Al Wusta edged Al Salam 1-0. Seeb confirmed their place in Omantel League as they head the group with 19 points from seven games. Bahla are placed second with 11 points while Fanja are in third position with 10 points. Al Bashayer and Al Wusta have seven points each.

One of the loyal Seeb fans, Idris al Yousfi, affirmed that fans will be right behind Seeb. “Seeb were very close to promotion in the last seasons but finally it occurred this season. Right planning to have better training preparations for upcoming season will be one of the key points for better performance in Omantel League. In addition to that, signing contracts with some good players and some local talents are also required. Special thanks to HH Sayyid Shihab bin Tareq al Said and board members for their continuous support to the club. Dedicated regards to all Seeb spectators to their great support,” Idris said.

Younis al Aghbari pointed out that the promotion has come as a result of hard work by the players, coaches and the support staff. “We are very pleased with Seeb’s promotion to the top domestic league. Anyhow, I request from coaching staff to have a clear strategy and plan for the team in order to score the desired achievements. Definitely that will not work out without some guidance factors including best training programmes and having top level players. Once again, thanks to all wonderful spectators who stand behind Seeb during all the previous seasons,” Al Aghbari added.

Ibrahim al Amri believes Seeb can perform well in the top league. “It was not a normal night for us. We were waiting this to occur since long back. Finally, Seeb will be back to their original position along with the elite clubs of the Sultanate. Our hopes are high on Seeb players who can do more in the next season of league. With reference to some recent results, Seeb edged Salalah giants, Dhofar, in the HM Cup. Hence, all the indications gave you clear idea on Seeb’s ability to perform well at the top league,” Ibrahim al Amri said.


Seeb fans were delighted after the team earned a promotion to the top level domestic league. Ammar al Musawi said that Seeb is back to its original position among top teams in the league. “It means a lot for us as Seeb are promoted to the top-tier league. Firstly, Seeb fans in the first division league were the only classified club with such big fan base. Also, first division league is not highlighted with enough coverage from the media. We are very happy with the promotion.” “Seeb are capable to be one of the tough competitor in upcoming edition of Omantel League as they had beat top teams namely Dhofar, Suwaiq and Al Nasr at the HM Cup and other domestic competitions. Congrats to all the Seeb fans and thanks to board members for their positive efforts to make this happen,” he added.

Ali al Balushi said the team should focus to keep up with the momentum. “Despite there were difficult four seasons for Seeb fans in the first division league, we are very glad currently with our team’s victory as they are back to Omantel League. I hope we should learn from all our weaknesses that occurred during this and previous seasons. Next step will not be easy like previous seasons. Therefore, we hope from the board members to provide all the facilitates for the team in order to record the required and top results,” Ali al Balushi said.