See oldest radios, TVs in Oman

Muscat, Jan 28 – Reviving tradition is one of the objectives of this year’s Muscat Festival. True to its spirit, the Heritage Village at Naseem Park, one of the venues of the festival, was showcasing frankincense and Oud, drawing a large number of visitors.
It was a hit among visitors from all nationalities and all age groups as it was showcasing Omani life during the ancient times.
Another attraction was Omani delicacies, including the famous halwa, prepared fresh by Omani women and men, and served hot, while the folklore bands kept crowds entertained with folk music and songs.
The park has a corner for handicrafts, where one finds works made from palm leaves. It also showcases the local spinning and weaving machines, as well as woodwork, including carvings.
There’s also a corner where many silverware and Omani jewellery are on display.
A special pavilion showcases machines, and electrical and electronic devices used in the last century in Oman, including mobile phones, photography devices, radios and old televisions.
The oldest radio dates back to 1930. It also exhibits old school tools, books, notebooks, pencils, pens and bags used at the beginning of the spread of education in the Sultanate, which coincided with the blessed Renaissance.
The festival had a lot to offer for children such as free-jumping, skiing, water games as well as electric games, besides the magic shows performed by professionals.

Zainab al Nassri

Photos by Khalfan al Tobi