Samsung’s Notebook 9 is lighter than 12-inch MacBook

Samsung has introduced a new line of 13.3- and 15-inch Notebook 9 laptops, upgrading the specs under the hood and making the models a whole deal lighter than their predecessors.
This announcement comes ahead of CES 2017, an event where manufacturers typically take the stage to showcase new devices.
Despite the fact that many competitors have yet to reveal their cards for this year, the South Korean manufacturer boldly claims that the 13.3-inch variant is the lightest notebook in the market.
The Notebook 9 laptops come in two sizes: a 13.3-inch version and a 15-inch one.
They more or less share the same specs, including the seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake Core i7, integrated graphics, an SSD up to 256 GB, 8 GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.1, and 2×2 802.11ac, to name a few. However, the 13.3-inch model can have up to 16 GB of RAM, and it’s also available with a Core i5.
They also have FHD displays, which amount to 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions. The 13.3-inch variant will be a tad sharper because of the smaller screen.
Other features are the built-in fingerprint reader for security, Windows Hello support, and a 720p webcam for video calls.
In terms of ports, they’re both equipped with two USB 3.0, a USB-C, an HDMI, and a microSD card slot. If that’s not enough, the 15-inch unit has an additional USB 2.0 port.
It should also be pointed out that the USB-C is also for charging, and Samsung says users can plug it in and juice it up using a phone charger and get 2.1 hours of battery life in just 20 minutes or fully recharge it in an hour and 20 minutes.
Arguably the most notable aspect of the new Notebook 9 laptops is their weight — 13.3-inch version at 1.8 pounds and the 15.5-inch one at 2.17 pounds.