Samsung reveals wall-mounted TVs that looks like a picture frame

Samsung surprised fans by revealing a concept art of another TV which it simply dubbed “The Frame”. Samsung unveiled the image which shows a wall mounted TV set which blends in with the surrounding picture frames, because it is designed to do just that. The upcoming TV will look just like a picture frame and can even be used to display images when it is not in use to enhance the look of the room. “The Frame was curated with an artful approach meant to elevate any room or viewing environment,” notes the company’s website.

It is fitted with an “Art Mode” which when turned on mimics the effect of a picture hanging on the wall instead of fading to a black screen as is the case when conventional TVs are switched off. There are reportedly more than 100 artful images divided in 10 categories which include landscape, architecture, wildlife, drawing, action and more.

Another important feature of The Frame is the customizable bezels, which can be changed by users according to their own liking. The company also confirmed that although the product’s primary attraction is its picture frame like wall hanging feature, it will also be compatible with the Samsung Studio Stand. Since Samsung is marketing the product as a TV cum picture frame, it has had to device new wiring technology so that The Frame’s aesthetics are not diminished by hefty wirings, which are seen with normal TV sets.