Rustaq college marks opening of students’ company

MUSCAT, June 3 – A printing and design company has been launched by students with support from the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund.
The Faculty of Education at Al Rustaq College celebrated the opening of Jelnar Printing and Design Company, the third student company in the Sultanate to receive such support from the fund.
Fatima bint Hamoud al Sayabiya, Chairman, board of directors of the company, said the plan is to develop, print and design posters and banners on a commercial level.
“The project aims to offer valuable services to the local community and students at competitive prices, in addition to the development and training of students capable of establishing their own commercial institutions in the future,” points out Al Sayabiya.
The company has already started marketing in the college and outside.
Dr Hamoud bin Amer al Wardi, Dean of the Faculty of Education, said the college provides a “real training environment” for students on entrepreneurship through business incubators.
The college will also offer technical support through consultancy, guidance and follow-up of the project as well as future projects. Student companies can be a nucleus of additional sources of income for the college in the future.
“What characterises this project is it is a sustainable project and a realistic learning environment for students within the college campus,” he said.
Mahmoud bin Salim al Habsi, the project’s supervisor, said:
“The SME fund provides technical and financial support to the project. While the fund financed
the project, it also provided technical support,
training and follow-up on a continuous basis through specialised staff in coordination with the Dean of the College.
“The fund also provides financial management and training programmes for students participating in the project.”
Thanks to the fund, new projects created by students trying to apply their knowledge will get a chance to shine.

By Siham al Saidi