Royal Hospital discusses CT scan protocols

MUSCAT: The Royal Hospital, represented by the Department of Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Radiology on Tuesday organised a workshop on CT scan protocols at the main conference room of the National Heart Center. Over 100 radiologists, medical physicists and specialists from various public and private health institutions from the Sultanate attended the workshop. The two-day workshop aims at raising the level of awareness of the medical staff working in the radiology field on the precautionary procedures, the principles used in protection from radiology, training the medical staff on measuring the radiation doses of the CT devices, as well as highlighting the latest scientific researches and international studies related to this field. Prof Mano Calra, from Harvard University in the United States, delivered a lecture on the importance of using the CT scan in the medical field. He also highlighted the most important principles when using the CT scan and focused on the up-to-date techniques used to enhance the quality of CT images. — ONA