Royal College of Physicians centre to come up in Oman

MUSCAT, JAN 5 – Adding yet another milestone to Oman’s healthcare sector, the first Centre of Excellence (CoE) of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), United Kingdom, will be established in the country.
The centre, which will be operational in the capital, marks a long-term commitment to the clinical community of Oman and the surrounding region and will be used to develop capacity in the coming years through delivery of systems-wide quality standards.
The centre is expected to ensure constant support to the multi professional workforce in Oman’s healthcare system.
Speaking to the Observer, Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, said the opening marks an important step towards the beginning of an agreement to work in partnership in the scoping and development of the CoE.
“This agreement with the Royal College of Physicians enables the country in upgrading the public medical services to greater international standards as it envisages multi-layer services and facilities to the people,” said Dr Al Saeedi.
The CoE will deliver projects ranging from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events that focus on the training needs of groups of staff, and region-wide programmes to foster learning, peer support and improve the well-being of the healthcare workforce.
Professor Andrew Goddard, President of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), who led the delegation of officials said this new step is a part of spreading the SCP wings across the continents in a win-win formula.
“Entering into pact with the Sultanate’s Ministry of Health to establish the CoE is a part of the more than 500-year-old history of the SCP and it’s a major step towards making the services of the SCP available to people across the world,” he said.
The Centre of Excellence will also be providing support to develop clinical examination skills among both medical students through collaborative working with universities, and among postgraduate trainees through Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills (PACES) teaching and examination.
Besides, various quality improvement programmes to maximise patient safety and quality of care along with leadership development to support the current and future generations of clinician leaders are also mooted as part of the centre.
The RCP, which provides physicians in the UK and overseas with education, training, and support throughout their careers, is an independent body representing over 37,000 fellows and members worldwide. The RCP constantly advises and works with the government, the public, patients and other professions to improve health and healthcare sectors.
The RCP has been playing a crucial role in the delivery of high-quality patient-care by setting standards of medical practice and promoting clinical excellence among its members.