ROP clarifies on dead sardines in Sidab

MUSCAT: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) on Wednesday refuted reports that cited several reasons for the death of sardines in Sidab on Monday, including the Coast Guard’s Port project. A statement from ROP said the project was established on the basis of scientific studies carried out by specialised companies with international expertise, which considered the possible impact on marine environment and water movement in the project area. It said the work on the project started only after coordination with the competent authorities. Specialists monitored the construction work by the contractor at the site to ensure the removal of all waste resulting from these works.

The statement added that the death of fish was not limited to the port basin area, but also the region. Such cases have been reported from time to time from other regions of the Sultanate. The Observer reported on Wednesday that a number of dead sardines were found on the shores of Oman Royal Coast Guard’s port in Sidab area. The fish had choked to death due to shortage of oxygen in the sea water, according to specialists from the Marine Sciences and Fisheries Centre, affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.