Roads to Rakhyout and Dalkhout damaged

Salalah: Rakhyout and Dalkhout were cut off from other wilayats of Dhofar.

The first damage on the route to the two wilayats was at Adnob Bridge between Salalah and Mugsayl, Wadi Afool is located after Mugsayl and this road took the brunt of the downpour.  It is after this wadi the number of hair pin roads climb up the mountains to reach the wilayats in the west of Dhofar governorate – Rakhyout and Dalkhout.  The road linking Rakhyout to Al Mazyounah across Wadi Aidm is also damaged.

This road has international prominence as it links to Yemen.

The government authorities are working on the roads said Ali al Baqi, from Rakhyout.  While he is from Rakhyout Al Baqi works in Salalah, but made it just in time to be in Rakhyout to support his parents as the Tropical Low Pressure moved toward the west of the Dhofar Governorate and eventually took the direction toward Yemen.  The wilayats in the west of Dhofar are expected to continue to receive rain.

“People in Rakhyout and Dalkhout are used to monsoon, strong winds, storms and cyclones. So they had already taken measures to protect their cattle and farms,” Al Baqi explained adding, “The only difficulty is losing connection to the other wilayats of Dhofar in case of an emergency.”

“Many people practice farming here and majority of the people live on the mountains although we do have coastal villages too.  However, the community today is very well connected through social media news and electronic media so they were prepared to receive the thundershowers,” said Al Baqi.