RO 10 fees for entering Jabal Akhdhar sanctuary

Muscat: According to a decision issued by the Ministry of Environments and Climate Affairs the entry fees to the Jabal Akhdhar Sanctuary for Natural Sceneries will be RO 1 for Omani adults and RO 0.100 for children, RO 5 for non-Omani adults and RO 1 for children under 16.

The fees for spending a night at the sanctuary will be RO 5 for Oman adults while it will be RO 10 for non-Omanis. Spending a night costs RO 1 for Omani children and students and RO 5 for non-Omani children.

Some activities have been banned at the sanctuary by the ministry. These are: entering the sanctuary or camping at times other than the prescribed entry timings without a prior permission from the ministry, hunting or collecting fossils or artifacts or any other items, setting fire without a prior permission form the ministry, using poisons, driving vehicles, cutting woods and burning trees or grass, polluting the water sources and wadi streams at the sanctuary, littering, mining and drilling of wells, conducting studies and researches and collecting samples without a prior permission from the ministry, constructing new buildings or adding expansion to existing ones within the sanctuary without a prior permission from the ministry and using fire arms or white arms inside the sanctuary.

The decision has exempted the personnel of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and the Royal Oman Police from paying the entry fees while performing duty at the sanctuary. The exemption from the entry fees also applies to the employees of government establishments and academics who enter the sanctuary for official work or scientific research. Residents of the sanctuary and their first-degree relatives as well as the members of official government delegations are also exempt from the entry fees.

The decision issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs imposes a fine of not less than RO 50 and not more than RO 200 in the case of violating the above rules.

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