Rising above the storm

Could the eagle’s point of view be our status of mind while controlling a crisis?

The biggest challenge is to break away from our mind set to understand the situation from others’ point of view. In such occasions, if not for all, would it not be great to have the ability to have a vision of the big picture?

Most of the time we are so involved in the situation that we are unable to detach ourselves even for a few seconds to think from someone else’s point of view.

What we do not know falls in the category of fear just because we do not know what to expect. Why do we fear exams? If we are familiar with the subject and the matter that is required to take the test then there is really no need to fear but we do and we dread to look at the questions. The first glance invariably makes one panic and the second time around when we read the questions there is more clarity and we realise we do know the answers.

What does that indicate?

The first time round our fear was even controlling what we see, by the time we read it again we were breathing easier and we were able to comprehend what was going on in the paper.

If we were to have reacted in the first round where we were under the influence of fear our responses would have been wrong. This goes on to prove that in life we need to buy time just to get back into control of ourselves before we jump into actions.

On the other hand, the world is currently on a fast pace from fast food to quick solutions. So would we miss out?

In order to maintain the balance of being in a clear state of mind to respond well at the same time to keep up with the pace, I suppose we need to practice it daily – the art of staying calm. I was lucky to hear Didi Sudesh during the International Day of Peace organized by the RajaYoga Foundation. “It is practice and preparation that keeps you in a state of calmness when a sudden crisis occurs,” she had said.

Each time we are thrown into a difficult situation we are being polished but so often we feel we are weak and cannot go through anymore. But that is only until the next one comes our way.

How many times have we felt unable to carry on? These feelings are from the mind convincing us that this is it and no room to move forward. It is during these times we have to be stern with ourselves and do what is right. Not easy because this requires the ability to constantly check on the big picture. On the other hand it is easy. Have you ever noticed how a certain song suddenly gives you happiness, confidence or even generates the sense of nostalgia?

So in other words mind can be tricked with a distraction and all this means we have to be our own best friend. A friend who will not judge but will notice where the stream of thoughts is coming from to make us feel the way we do.

Our mind seems to be an ocean with many currents and winds from all directions. It is not about controlling the thoughts or where the wind is originating from and the direction it is heading, but knowing the source is good because then we can distinguish when someone passes a comment whether it is constructive criticism or just a mean remark.

We cannot change others but we can change how we respond. The fact is if our reaction is not fun for them, most likely they will not feel encouraged to continue so.

If only we would think how we would feel if others spoke to others the way we do – the world would be a kinder place at least with words.

The world just celebrated the International non-violence day and while there are various examples of violence we could do without, harsh words and comments are violent too especially for the young children who ought to be nourished and nurtured to reside and be future leaders in a beautiful world. Let us not break them even before they set foot in the real world.

The world is theirs and all children are equal. Maybe wealth may not be equally distributed but kind words can be. Let them be guided at a young age so they can rise above the storm with an instinct just like the eagles.