Resilience Index 2017: Oman ranks 4th at Arab Level

RHODE ISLAND: The Sultanate came fourth on the Arab level in the Global Resilience Index 2017, published by the Rhode Island-based FM Global Insurance in the United States.
While the Sultanate came 50th on the world level with 49 points, it came fourth on the Arab level after Qatar, Emirates and Bahrain. Switzerland topped the list of index, which ranks 130 countries round the world.
Composite country sources and ranking are calculated based on 12 discreet drivers determined to be the most pertinent to indicators of business resilience. These drivers are categorized into three factors, the core elements of resilience: economic, risk quality and supply chain.
While the Sultanate came 40th on the world level in economy quality, it came 86th on risk quality and 53rd in supply chain quality.
The index is based on a number of drivers, such as the per capita GDP, political risks, natural disasters, the quality of disaster management, corruption control, quality infrastructure and quality of local supply.
The report provides data for companies on countries at which they can invest for quality of their infrastructure, political stability and economic productivity. — ONA