Renaissance Day delivering on a promise

What does the phrase Renaissance Day mean? Many people don’t understand the real meaning of this day. They do not realise the story behind this special day. It’s a special day not only for Omanis, but also for other residents who have been living in Oman since that day. Those residents have experienced both versions of the old and new Oman.
Omani Renaissance is the day when His Majesty Sultan Qaboos ascended the throne, which is 23rd of July 1970. That day marks the start of the Sultanate’s development march, led by the wise leader, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
On that day, the light of a brighter future emerged. It was not only Omanis who benefited from the fruits of the Renaissance, but also all those living in this land.
On that day, Omanis were promised a brighter future and a better life in the coming days. This was His Majesty’s promise to his fellow citizens: “My people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to transform your life into a prosperous one with a bright future.”
It was a challenging promise as a big mission was awaiting His Majesty to fulfil his promise to the people of Oman and ensure them a decent living standard.
His Majesty’s promise inspired all Omanis and instilled hope in them. Therefore, His Majesty’s ascension to the throne was a relief and a start towards delivering a prosperous life to them.
In order to work on his promise and make their dream come true, His Majesty addressed Omanis saying: “We hope this day will mark the beginning of a new age and a great future for us all. We promise you that we shall do our duty towards the people of our dear country.”
Omanis believed in him as a visionary leader. Of course, it wasn’t easy to turn Oman into what it is now, but His Majesty came with a noble mission and he spared no effort in serving the country and its subjects. He sacrificed his time and effort to bring people together and ensure them better life.
The dream of July 23rd came true in record time and this reflects on His Majesty’s dedication towards making Oman a prosperous country that it is today. All Omanis could see light of a bright future at the end of the tunnel that day.
They believed in His Majesty that one day it would happen. Today, we are all living and enjoying the prosperous life that His Majesty promised us. May the Almighty Allah bless His Majesty and grant him health and long life.
Since the dawn of Renaissance Day, Oman has begun to flourish in every corner. Remarkable changes have been witnessed in different spheres of life in the country.
In view of that, Omani citizens have experienced rapid transformation which has made their lives much better. All of what has happened in the country in the last 48 years of the blessed Omani Renaissance marks the fruitful outcome of His Majesty’s great mission to build a new Oman.
Today, here it is: peace, prosperity and happy life and a bright future is ensured to citizens and residents of Oman.
What has happened in such record time is much more than just a dream. Yesterday was dark, but, the new dawn rose in Oman. Thanks to the wise leader and benevolent father of the nation.

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami