Relaxed sick leave for expatriates

Rules governing medical leave for expatriates working in the government sector have been relaxed. The medical leave is not restricted to three months now, according to a decision taken by the Civil Service Council. The new decision, signed by the Chairman of the Civil Service Council, has added a new paragraph to the civil service regulations.
It says the maximum period of medical leave can be extended based on the council’s approval.
The earlier paragraph had said an expatriate working under civil service umbrella was entitled to three months of medical leave, which can be extended by another month if the illness was caused by work injury.
It said if the employee doesn’t report to work after this period, a medical committee will determine whether or not he can work.
If not, the employee’s work contract would be terminated.
The new paragraph gives an expatriate employee another option.
The employer can appeal to the council seeking extension of the medical leave.
The decision was based on the Civil Service Law issued through Royal Decree No 120 in 2004.
The civil service regulations were issued via ministerial decision No 9 in 2010.
The new decision has been welcomed by expatriates, who feel it will protect their rights and help improve their productivity.