Recreational events part of STF

SALALAH: Activities of Salalah Tourism Festival 2018 kicked off at the Municipality Recreational Centre in Salalah on Tuesday. The festival will continue till August 25. Most activities of the festival will be hosted by the Municipality Recreational Centre. Dhofar Municipality has established five new halls as per the world class standards to set up exhibitions for the public and private organisations to be an addition to the Municipality Recreational Centre.
This year’s festival will include a range of religious, economic, cultural, social, sports, arts and recreational events.
New events will be also introduced alongside with the successful events that have been organising in the previous years.
Meanwhile, the Oman Equestrian Federation (OEF) continues its efforts to organise the Equestrian Week in the Governorate of Dhofar, as part of the activities of Salalah Tourism Festival 2018, in cooperation with the Office of the Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar and Dhofar Municipality, represented by Salalah Festival Management.
The Federation seeks this year to organise various unique activities to directly serve members of the community.
Munthir bin Saif al Busaidy, OEF Chairman, said, “We have developed a diverse schedule of equestrian activities and added a number of other renewable events. The first day of equestrian events will include a traditional horse riding event on the occasion of the Blessed Renaissance Day, on July 23 and it will be in the Municipality Recreational Centre”.
He added, “Tent-pegging championship will be held for government cavalry units on the equestrian field in front of the Municipality Recreational Centre in Itin from July 24 to 26.
“On July 27, there will be a local endurance competition for 80 km for citizens of Dhofar on the shore of Khour Al Dahareez.
“The equestrian events conclude on Saturday, July 28, with the traditional horse sports event, on the equestrian field, opposite the Municipality Recreational Centre”.
He pointed out that the Equestrian Week will include the training of youngsters on horseback riding, in cooperation with equestrian schools in the governorate and the training of citizens in Dhofar on tent-pegging and other equestrian skills, such as traditional horse sports, in addition to special equestrian exhibitions, in cooperation with the government cavalry units, as well as private sector institutions concerned with veterinary equipment and tools. — ONA