Re-polling in case of vote rigging, says official

MUSCAT: The Higher Committee for Majlis Ash’shura elections may invalidate the election results in any wilayat if it is confirmed that any of the election provisions or procedures were breached or in the case of fraud or vote rigging. In this case, the Minister of Interior will set a date for re-election within 60 days from the date of invalidation.
This was stated by Dr Khalifa bin Mohammed al Hadhrami, Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Court, Chairman of the Higher Committee for the Majlis Ash’shura 9th term elections.
In an interview with Oman Arabic, sister publication of the Observer, Al Hadhrami said that the Public Prosecution takes legal action in the case of violations that may take place inside the polling centres or those committed by candidates or the voters.
As per Clause 8 of Article 69, vote buying is a crime punishable by 10 days to one year in prison, and a fine of not less than RO 1,000 and not more than RO 4,000, or any of the two punishments.
Al Hadhrami said that the Higher Committee is an autonomous one chaired by one of the deputies of the chairman of the Supreme Court. The committee oversees elections and decides on election appeals. The committee’s jurisdictions also include reviewing the names of the candidates in each wilayat and the number of votes each candidate has polled from their respective wilayat, overseeing the cancellation of nominations, monitoring the closing time in case the polling hours are extended by an election committee.
He added that the committee has reviewed the electronic system
which will be used in the elections for the first time.