Rains to continue till Monday

The Northern governorates of Oman will continue to receive varying levels of rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms till Monday, a statement from Oman Meteorology said on Saturday.

An Omani citizen, meanwhile, died after his vehicle was washed away in an overflowing wadi in Al Masfa in the Wilayat of Dima W’attayeen.

A family was rescued by volunteers after being trapped inside their vehicle in Wadi Dima. Speaking to the Observer, an official at Oman Meteorology said. “Expect rains in most of the northern parts, especially in the coastal regions and Muscat until Monday evening.”

However, there will be only a slight drop in temperatures, he added.
Oman Met has warned of poor visibility during thunderstorm rain and fog formation.

“Many governorates of the Sultanate are experiencing heavy rainfall of varying levels, which has led to the overflowing of some wadis,” the Public Authority of Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) said.

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The governorates of North and South Al Batinah and Muscat experienced medium to heavy showers accompanied by scattered thunderstorms with active down winds early on Saturday.

Temperatures in Muscat were in the range of 35/29 and Salalah 30/26. The highest temperature of 38 degrees was reported in Ibri, Fahud and Sur and the lowest 14 degrees in Jabal Shams.

Following cloudy sky and wet conditions from early morning on Saturday in most parts of the city, motorists were urged to drive safely due to slippery road conditions.

“It rained heavily with strong winds in the morning. I was taken by surprise as it happened during my daily jogging time,” said Murtaza Ali, who plays cricket every weekend with a group of friends. Strong winds led to property damages, power cuts and uprooting of treats in Rustaq, Suhar and Saham on Saturday.

A statement from Oman Met said, “Continuation of the possibility of cumulative clouds over

Musandam, Hajar Mountains and neighbouring governorates to be extended to the coastal areas of the Sea of Oman accompanied by heavy rainfall, occasional thunderstorms with active winds and hail during the next two days until Monday or Tuesday morning. Overflowing wadis are expected during this period,” the statement said.