Rains, strong winds may continue today

Muscat 16 – Rains poured on Al Amerat, Qurayat, Samayil, Al Rustaq, Al Hamra, Nizwa as well as other Wilayats in the mountainous areas. Rains were already expected in North al Batinah in the mountain area according to Oman Met Office, and later moved to some of the coastal areas.
Dima W’attayeen on Wednesday recorded the highest amount of rain with 34 mm with Saiq in Al Jabal Al Akhdhar recording 20.5 mm while Dhalkout in Dhofar Governorate received 12.4 mm rainfall.
Rains were experienced in many parts of Oman.
Dhofar Governorate meanwhile experienced cloud convection from the system because of the tropical low over the Arabian Sea.
Another element is the short trough Oman is experiencing currently on the upper level.
“We have different variables influencing, for example humidity is favourable. This causes convection of cloud.”
According to the Met Office, it also affected local convection in the mountainous areas that could result in rains for today as well.
This experience is also connected with the summer rain. Because of the cloud formations there is also an effect over the desert area.
Also because of the gradient between the low pressure and high pressure the flow of air has become strong.
“This time of the year we have thermal low in the desert area and at the same time we have short wave on the upper level and high pressure over the Arabian Sea. This high pressure over the Arabian Sea is what is providing us with the clouds,” said the weather expert at Oman Met Office. This is one of the reasons why some of the other GCC countries are also experiencing strong dust storms.
According to the weather forecast issued for today, there are chances of dust storm over the desert and open areas of the Governorate of Al Buraimi, and Al Wusta.
Also there is a chance of convective clouds formation with isolated rain over Al Hajar Mountains and the adjoining wilayat, and over Dhofar Governorate and the adjoining wilayat by afternoon. Also expected is late night to early morning low level clouds formation along parts of the Arabian Sea coasts. Caution has been issued during dust storm and rain as visibility is affected.

Lakshmi Kothaneth