Rains have revived water bodies in Dhofar

Salalah: The recent rains have revived all the water bodies in the Dhofar Governorate.

Data from the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water resources suggest that in five days (May 27 to 31) the low pressure brought several years of rain in Dhofar.

The rains were the reason behind recharging the water bodies and creating many more in the governorate. Data collected from various stations rain collection centres suggest in those five days Dhofar received 2993mm of rainwater, Mirbat being highest with 1055mm. The recorded rainfall is highest in the history of modern Oman.

Dhofar has some 360 natural springs, which give the reason for large scale vegetation and agricultural activities in the governorate. Though the annual monsoon keeps the springs recharged, still there is scope for their revival, as officials of the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) put maximum effort to conserve and protect them from any kind of pollution.

Commenting on the importance of these water bodies, an official of the MRMWR said, “Water is important worldwide, but it is more important in Middle Eastern countries where there is an acute shortage due to over evaporation and less amount of rainfall. Oman also falls under the arid zone and water is an important issue for us. The rain this time compensated several years of loss and water table in the region has been substantially recharged.”

“The long restrictions and lockdowns must have brought untold miseries to people, at the same they helped in reviving the nature in general and water bodies in particular,” said

Taqah citizen Mohammed al Mashani, who loves to indulge in nature, has huge care for the environment. He claimed to have visited most of the natural springs and is very happy to see them fully revived.

Nature, according to Mohammed, is taking care of its damages and working like correction of all the previous misdeeds of humankind.

Sahalnut dam was full up to its neck while a large amount of water was accumulated in the main dam behind the old airport in Salalah. The water bodies in Dhofar generally are in healthy condition now.



Pic by Salah al Sahri

By Kaushalendra Singh