Rains begin in western parts of Al Hajr mountains

Photography: Khalil Al-Harmali (Weather Omanya)

Muscat: The western part of Al Hajr Mountains has been receiving rains due to the impact of Al-Brakat Trough.

Parts of Al Buraimi and Al Dahirah have begun to receive rains and are expected to gradually extend to the governorates of North and South Al Batinah, Al Dhakhiliya as well as North and South Al Sharqiyah in addition to certain parts of the Muscat Governorate in the coming hours on Saturday.

“By tomorrow whole of Muscat Governorate has the chance of receiving rain.  Over the mountains, the rains will be mostly moderate to heavy rains because the convective clouds are associated with heavy rains.  The impact of the trough can be experienced from now until the end of May 4,” said Weather Forecaster from the National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Centre.

Sea conditions will be moderate to rough along Musandam and Oman Sea Coast and along the coast of the Arabian Sea, it will be moderate at around 1.5 meters.

“Wadis are to be avoided during Al – Brakat Trough,” cautioned the weather expert.  “There could also be poor visibility during thundershowers and fog patches and fresh downdraft wind is expected during the thunderstorms. Horizontal visibility could become poor during fog and thundershowers,” he added.

The origin of the low pressure is in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.  “It has been moving along the Arabian Peninsula.  Two days ago Qatar reported heavy rains and on Friday, United Arab Emirates reported moderate to heavy rains especially in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain as well as the desert area in the southwest of the Emirates.  Today the clouds advection is heading towards our region and the local cloud development of Al Hajr Mountains during the afternoon and evening is expected to enhance the system,” explained the weather expert.

In other words, Oman will have it is own unique experience with Al-Brakat Trough.

The weather forecast also stated that there could be a chance of isolated rain over the mountains and coastal areas of the governorate of Dhofar.

The weather event will be associated with moderate to Fresh southeasterly wind over governorates of Al Wusta and Dhofar which will cause rising of dust.

The general weather forecast stated that mainly clear skies over most of the sultanate with medium and high clouds advection over northern Governorates and chances of isolated rain along the coastal areas of Dhofar governorate are expected.

There are also chances of late night to early morning low level clouds or fog patches over parts of Oman sea, south al Sharqiya, al Wusta and Dhofar governorates and chances of convective clouds formation and isolated rain occasionally thundershowers associated with fresh winds and hail over al Hajar Mountains and adjoining areas towards tomorrow afternoon may extend to the coastal areas of Oman Sea.

Along the coastal areas of Oman sea winds will be variable light during night becoming northeasterly light to moderate during the day and along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea winds will be southwesterly light to moderate occasionally fresh and over the rest of the Sultanate winds will be southerly to southeasterly light to moderate.

Fahud, Buraimi, and Sur top the temperature chart with 42 degrees Celsius while the coolest places in the Sultanate are Jabal Shams with 23 degrees Celsius, Jabal Samhan with 26 degrees Celsius and Saiq with 27 degrees Celsius.