Rains, strong winds expected over 2 days

May 16 – Rains are to be experienced in some parts of Oman, with Musandam the first to experience on Wednesday morning. Rains are also expected in North Batinah’s mountain regions, which according to Oman Met Office, could move to the coastal area today.
This is due to the short trough Oman is experiencing currently on the upper level. “We have different variables influencing for example humidity is favourable. This causes conviction cloud.”
According to the Met Office there is a chance that it could affect local conviction in the mountainous areas resulting in rains for tomorrow as well.
This experience is also connected with the summer rain. Because of the cloud formations there is also an affect over the desert area because of the gradient between the low pressure and high pressure the flow of air has become strong. “This time of the year we have thermal low on the desert in the desert area at the time we have short wave on the upper level and high pressure over the pressure. This high pressure over the Arabian Sea is what is providing us with the clouds,” said the weather expert at Oman Met Office. That is one of the reason why some of the other GCC countries are also experiencing strong winds raising dust.
Today we can expect local rain more than average said the weather forecaster. According to him, here is also a chance even in Muscat. Yesterday there were rains in the mountains of Barka.