Rain takes a break in Dhofar, likely to resume

Salalah is mostly cloudy with high precipitation and humidity, which are indications of heavy rain in the coming hours.  With precipitation at 94 percent and humidity at 90, the chances of rain in and around the city are very high.

Even the rain has taken a break in some areas, the weather monitoring stations sounded the possibility of high sea waves and heavy rains during Sunday night. Most of Dhofar has reported active winds with rain and thunderstorm.

Due to less intensity of rain during the last 12 hours and relief measures are undertaken by the Dhofar Municipality, the water level on roads and residential areas has come down. Most of the roads are open and blockages from the wadis have been removed.

Due to the Met Office’s alert of possible heavy rains, the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) has advised the public to take precautions and stay away from low lying areas. It also advised people to avoid crossing wadis and avoid venture into the sea.