Qaranqasho rewards kids for fasting with gifts, sweets

Muscat, May 30 – On the 15th night of Ramadhan, children celebrate Qaranqasho by wearing traditional costumes and going door-to-door through their neighbourhood singing songs and collecting sweets and halwa.
This celebration is a means to reward children for fasting for the first half of the month, and to encourage them to continue through the second half. It continues to be a beloved tradition throughout the Gulf countries.
As part of their recognition to their responsibility to the community, this year, some institutions Like Ooredoo and Muscat Municipality held their celebration at Avenues Mall, Muscat Grand Mall and Qurayat Lake Park.
Muscat City Centre and Qurum City Centre hosted its annual colourful ‘Qaranqasho’ celebration for visitors, which featured traditional songs and a colourful puppet show. Qaranqasho goodie bags were distributed to kids. Guests also had the chance to step into an interactive bubble world and an array of bubbling routines and artistry.
As a part of the celebrations, candies and sweets are distributed among children, along with other activities like face painting; entertaining shows and scientific activities, competitions for children and gifts, a corner for henna for girls, and traditional dances and songs.
This event is an opportunity for strengthening relations among the community as the whole village goes out to celebrate with children.
The Sultanate is among the Gulf countries which plays a role at reviving this old tradition, knowing the positive outcome of such occasions.

Mai al Abria