Purrfect Oman-made pet food

We want Raseen to be the go-to brand for pet owners in Oman and across the GCC

Muadh al Subhi
Founder & CEO, Raseen

Tell us about Raseen.
Raseen is a proud Omani company producing pet food and supplements. We saw a gap in the pet food market with what was available on supermarket shelves and what we knew pet owners were looking for.
Today, as pets are considered more and more as family members their owners want to purchase only the best for their animal companions. So we developed Baseen, the first Omani cat food. What makes it extra special is that it promotes feline health that meets the daily nutrition recommended by AAFCO for cats. It has a unique and innovative recipe with 80 per cent of its protein coming from Omani fish.
On top of this it is packed with vital vitamins and essential nutrients. Functional pet food ingredients that offer proven health benefits are very much at the heart of our brand.Today, we are distributing Raseen cat and dog food as well as our pet supplements right across Oman. They are also available on Markeetex.com, Oman’s online marketplace.
Where did your entrepreneurial journey start?
My innovation and entreprenurial journey started when I chose to study chemical engineering at university. I did this with the goal of working on a graduation project that could form the basis for a start-up.
To make sure I got the experience I needed and that I was ultimately successful in my goals, I worked as an assistant or volunteer on as many scientific projects as possible during my studies.
Once I graduated, I got on with marketing my project and products to as many government agencies as I could. And I’m delighted to say it got all the interest I had hoped for and more.
Tell us about Raseen’s innovation journey.
I first got involved with the Industrial Innovation Centre (IIC) in 2017 and enrolled in their Innovation Specialist Program which swiftly swept me up in three months of lectures and workshops.
At each stage of Raseen’s innovation journey, IIC connected us with both international and local expertise – technical, commercial, administrative and financial – and helped us build institutional relationships.
IIC also assigned a strategic partner who gave us the training we needed to explore international markets. We got to follow up as well on business opportunities and benchmark against pet food items already on the market.
Exploring how to add value to our recipes, differentiate Raseen’s cat and dog food products and gain the all-important competitive edge was particularly useful.
Thanks to this program, we were able to establish an innovative industrial company – something that had long been my ambition.
This is something that is very important for me personally but also important for Oman – this program helps young entrepreneurial Omanis get innovative ideas off the ground and turn them into businesses.
As these businesses grow, they create jobs and contribute to the national economy in a really significant way and support our national competitiveness. And every innovative business increases our intellectual capital – a national asset that can pay dividends in the future.
Is E-commerce part of your plans?
Most definitely, the digital shelf is of real interest to us. With the impact of COVID-19 the sale of pet food online has risen dramatically. According to Nielsen data in-store pet food retail sales were up 26 per cent while e-commerce sales soared by an impressive 77 per cent.
The world is fundamentally recalibrating right now. Consumer habits are changing and understanding those changes will be critical to us as we prioritize how we too recalibrate to meet the changed circumstances driven by the pandemic.
What’s next for Raseen?
We want Raseen to be the go-to brand for pet owners in Oman and across the GCC. And in 2021 we will also be targeting markets outside the MENA region. At the end of the day, we want the brand to be synonymous with environmental responsibility, quality and innovation. Exciting times ahead.