Provincial and Municipal Affairs System for better governance

Muscat: Better governance of governorates, implementation of policies, following up of projects, and decentralisation of power among the governorates and wilayats are some of the aims of the Royal Decree 101/2020, ‘Provincial and Municipal Affairs System’ issued on August 18.

The Decree embodies the continuation of the development march in the provinces and strengthening of the role of the governors.

With this, each governorate enjoys individual entity, financial and administrative independence, fund allocation, management and disposal, and maintenance of the budget reserves for future needs.

There are 11 governorates in the Sultanate. Each governorate has some wilayats, which look after local development issues.

The Royal Decree ensures that each governorate can specialise in developing and investing resources to achieve sustainable development and to create job opportunities for the citizens.

The local and municipal tourism assets can be used for the progress of the respective governorates. They should work towards meeting the governorate’s

needs public facilities and availability of other government services and implement public projects in coordination with the authorities concerned.


The Decree indicated the formation of a Council for Provincial Affairs is under the Minister of Interior, and with the participation of Ministers of State and Governor of Muscat, Dhofar, and Musandam.

As per the arrangement the Sultanate is represented by the Chairman of the Provincial Affairs Council or anyone delegated by him in regional and international conferences, events and meetings related to municipal affairs. It is within its limits to sign agreements and memoranda of understanding taking into account the provisions of the basic law of the state and the decisions of the Council of Ministers in this regard.