Preparations on for Oman Science Festival 2017

MUSCAT, Oct 15 – The Main Committee of the Oman Science Festival 2017 at the Ministry of Education continued its meetings under the leadership of Saud al Balushi, Under-Secretary of MoE for Planning and Human Resources Development, in the presence of the members of the Committee.
During its fourth meeting since its formation, the Committee discussed the various aspects of the preparations for Oman Science Festival, which is organised by the Directorate-Generals of the Ministry of Education from October 24 to 25 in the Governorates, and from October 26 to 28 in the ministry.
The Committee also reviewed the activities to be carried out in the festival, and the aspects of partnership and support provided by the relevant institutions, as well as the various aspects of media coverage for the festival.
Saud al Balushi says the start of the Oman Science Festival 2017 signifies the ministry’s directives to enhance interest in science as an important element in improving the economic and developmental value of the learning outcomes.
The participation of many institutions in the festival shows the success of the idea of partnership with these important sectors of the community within the Sultanate, teaching the importance of learning science in our lives by simplifying it and presenting it full of suspense and fun.
He also added that the Science Festival 2017 in its first edition includes a number of activities and programmes targeting visitors of different ages and interests.
It includes more than 300 diverse activities in the fields of technology, innovation, mathematics, engineering, robotics and science. The activities will be held in the Sultanate’s 11 governorates in order to include as many visitors as possible throughout its five-day period outside and inside Muscat. It will start its activities in scientific and technical centres in various governorates.
The festival will include many applied and exploratory educational experiences in various fields of science and an exhibition of student innovations in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics, energy and transportation, engineering systems and the environment. In addition to an exciting position for competitions and challenges of the robot in its five fields.
The festival also includes an exhibition of Globe environmental research, the PDO Renewable Energy Award, and the Bee’ah Centre where students’ projects compete with each other.
The under-secretary concluded by emphasising that the festival targets all segments of the society as well as public, private and international schools students, university and college students, teachers and educators, specialists, researchers and academics in the fields of science and innovation, and the private sector concerned with the science field.

Thuraiya Al Hosni