Most precious gift in the journey of life: Trust

Just reading the tweet from Dalai Lama, “As social animals we need friends and what attracts them is trust. And trust grows when we show real concern for others’ well-being.” Meaningful words that brought in streams of thoughts.
Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship, be it family, friends or business. It is also one of the most delicate qualities.
The world seems to be starving or why else would we not be enjoying the benevolence of nature? The earth trusts us to know what is good for us, but whenever man has come up with a solution, it has been at the cost of nature. The earth reacts and we are not able to respond.
In the beginning everything we needed — air, water and food — came free. Almost two decades into the millennium, we are buying food and water. I am not sure how many would remember the trend of the 90s and early 2000s — the oxygen spas and bars. The fact that we thought we needed them should make us wonder whether the trend would have continued to reach the level of bottled water.
We always had a choice: to pollute or not to pollute. The population is growing and sure enough, there would be pressure on natural resources, which will lead to demand.
This is where trust is going to be stretched because with scarcity comes insecurity; it could be natural resources or financial resources.
Following close to the trust element is mistrust that could be based on insecurities. Reasons for insecurities could be many. It could be because of the childhood fears we are carrying throughout our life. The blocks need to be removed to let the light in for fresher thoughts. Mind can grow where there is light and fresh air.
Thankfully, sunlight and fresh air are still free. Not all of us driving in the evening through any of the beach roads of Oman would realise that while some of us are stuck in traffic air tight in vehicles to keep away from the outdoor temperature, with the air-conditioner blowing and almost freezing the muscles, there are others who are enjoying the sunset and the breeze at the beach.
There are giggles and laughter, the birds chirping and the sounds of the water flowing through the rocks to catch up with the waves returning to sea only to come back to tickle the feet of a toddler who is in sheer joy.
Just like the oceans depicting the process of ebb and flow, so is our life going through highs and lows. If there is a high, the rule goes that we must have a low, which in return has to be followed by a high.
So are we just puppets? Only when we let the emotions take over. The enlightened ones have somehow learnt the art of balancing, for they know this will pass too.
But all through the journey of life if there can be the most precious gift, then it has to be trust. Trust is when a baby falls asleep in the arms of its parents. Trust is when a child goes to sleep waiting to wake up to sunshine and the faces of his/her loved ones. Trust is what the child places on his/ her teachers.
What do we say to children who have all these factors taken away from them when they do not know where they will be tomorrow or whether they will be together with their family?
Who will tell the children migrating from one place to another that there is something called trust in this world and tomorrow is going to be better than today?

Lakshmi Kothaneth