Permit a must for Daymaniyat

MUSCAT: You can enter the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve only if you have a written permit from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs. A maximum of 12 people or five tents will be allowed into the reserve, according to new restrictions set by the ministry.
The entry fee is RO 1 for adult citizens and RO 3 for adult expatriates per day. The fees for spending one night is RO 3 for adult citizens and RO 6 for adult expatriates.
Visitors have to pay RO 30 for a three-month period, RO 50 for six months and RO 100 one year. Anyone violating the regulations will be fined RO 500.
The fine will be doubled for repeated violations. The regulations also specify the fees for obtaining permits for importing/exporting some endangered animals.
Daymaniyat Islands are the main tourist draw between Barka and Sohar, and are one of the country’s leading dive spots, but equally rewarding to visit for a snorkel or swim.
The islands are one of Oman’s premier dive spots. Virtually everyone who comes to Oman does so to dive, or at least snorkel. There are nine low, rocky little islets, strung out in a line from east to west and clustered in three quite widely separated groups, surrounded by coral reefs.
The islands have been protected as a nature reserve since 1996 and provide an important nesting site for hawksbill and green turtles, as well as a wide range of migratory birds including the increasingly rare sooty falcon, one of the few migratory raptors which actually nests and breeds in the region.