Pay for Daymaniyat Islands Reserve visit

Muscat, Dec 11 – Visitors to the Daymaniyat Islands Natural Reserve will now have to pay an entrance fee as the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs looks to encourage sustainable tourism and boost the local economy. The ministry also released regulations on camping, hunting and visiting times that will help protecting the biodiversity of the reserve. The entry fee for Omanis is RO 1 for adults and 100 baisa for children under 16, while for expatriates it is RO 3 for adults and RO1 for children under 16. According to Article 1 of the decision 62/2019, the entry to the park or camping overnight is prohibited without the ministry’s permission.

Camping at the island during the bird nesting season from May 1 to the end of October every year is also prohibited. The decision also prohibits any attempts to collect fossils or relics or stones, or any other natural assets from the area. Lighting the fire in the places or areas other than designated or without permissions is also banned. The decision bans any activities or actions that would harm coral reefs and neighbourhoods or disturbing the nesting birds or turtles. Leaving fishing net in coral reefs, bringing pets or any other animals or any plants or seeds to the reserve are also banned.

Diving within the limit of the reserve is banned unless there is a permit from the ministry. It also prohibits conducting studies and research and collecting samples for any reason, except with the permission of the ministry. The use of cameras and drones will be allowed with permission from the ministry. Only employees of the reserve will be allowed to use arms or weapons. Visitor can also pay RO 30 for three months, RO 50 for six months and RO 50 for 12 months. For Omanis, diving fees are RO 3 for adults while for expatriates it is RO 6.

For Omanis, diving and camping fees for a night are RO 5 for Omanis and RO 10 for expatriates. For three months it is RO 80, for six months RO 100 and for 12 months RO 150. For Omanis, diving and camping fees for a single day is RO 1 while for expatriates it is RO 3. Members of the Sultan’s Armed Forces, government employees on official duty, employees in governmental and academic institutions doing research work, fishermen around the reserve and governmental official delegations are exempted from paying fees.

Any individual who violates the provision of Article 2 shall be liable for an administrative fine of no less RO 50 and not exceeding RO 100.
Any clubs and companies that violate the provision Article 2 shall be fined not less than RO 100 and not exceeding RO 300. Fines will be doubled in case of repeated violations.