PACI to initiate more craft projects

MUSCAT: The Board of Directors of the Pubic Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) held its third meeting this year under the chairmanship of Shaikha Aisha bint Khalfan al Siyabiyah, PACI Chairperson. During the meeting, the Board approved a number of decisions that aim at developing craft performance and work to ensure sustainability of the projects and programmes for developing craft sector in the Sultanate. It also approved the draft minutes of the second meeting. It followed the implementation of the previous decisions taken by the board. The meeting discussed summary of the decisions of PACI’s board first and second meeting, as well as the report on the study on the challenges facing the craft product and the summary report on the economic committee activities.
It also reviewed the progress of work in a number of projects and initiatives that have been completed during the past year. PACI seeks to launch a number of initiatives for the development of craft sector by implementing craft projects in the different governorates of the Sultanate in a bid to promote training and rehabilitation of craft industries and ensure meeting modern developments. The projects will also seek to enhance marketing and promotion of craft sector in cooperation with the different organisations of the State. — ONA